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The listing below appears in the UCI ELECTRONIC DIRECTORY. Please submit changes as often as necessary to ensure correct data is always available. We reserve the right to edit and/or reformat listings as necessary.

To make changes to a department listing:

Provide a GENERAL INFORMATION number at the top of the listing.
This general information telephone number must be one that is normally answered during regular business hours. It should also have a detailed voicemail greeting with the option to be transferred to another extension. If the greeting on the GENERAL INFORMATION telephone number for your department says, "Hi, this is Mary. I'm not here so leave a message," callers won't know which department they have reached and will become frustrated.

ALPHABETIZE the listings that appear under the general information number.
This is helpful, especially with long department listings. List all major programs and services your department provides. In addition to listing a phone number for your department's Chair, Dean or Director, it is also helpful to list Business Office, Human Resources Coordinator, and Facilities Manager.

Provide a general department EMAIL address and/or WEB address.
Individual email addresses cannot be used in this section. For example, we use instead of

Provide a general department ZOTCODE.
This should only be done if your department has a GENERAL department Zot Code (i.e. one mail delivery point for the entire department).

                  437 Aldrich Hall / 4500 Berkeley Place (EOD only)
                  Campus Mediation Program......................(949) 824-7256
                  Ombudsman Office..............................(949) 824-7256
                  Faculty & Staff Assistance Program............(949) 824-8355
                  Equal Opportunity & Diversity.................(949) 824-5549
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